viernes, enero 6


You know that feeling you get when you’re at the highest point of a roller coaster about to go down? That’s what it’s like when you see him. You know that moment of happiness you get when you see your food is finally coming when you’re out to eat? That’s what you kiss him. You know that feeling you get when you do reaaally good in an athletic game and you feel like you could touch the sky? Thats what it feels like when he tells you he loves you.
Love isn’t a physical emotion. When you try ever possible way to improve yourself just for him, when you know you’d lay down your own life just so they can continue on, when you can see yourself in 70 years still laughing together and wanting to be held by one another, when you want to make a family and raise a children and pray that they look like the one you love. 
That is how love feels to me. 

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Dan♥ dijo...

No entendí nadaaaaaaaa,bueno algo si xd lo he tenido que buscar en el tradutor de google jajaja pero salió raro -.-
Lo escribiste tú? ojalá supiera yo tanto inglés(L)